EdgeCAM Part Modeler

EdgeCAM Part Modeler 12.50

Create, customize, and analyze solid models
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Work with engineering projects containing solid objects. Generate custom models or modify existing ones, calculate cost-effectiveness, optimize specific designs, etc. Check the integrity of machining designs, model any major feature of a hardware device, run basic simulations.

Edgecam Part Modeler is a 3D modelling tool specifically designed for quick and simple construction and/or modification of solid models. Cost effective and easy to use, Part Modeler comes complete with fully associative drafting capability. It’s the perfect complement to Edgecam Solid Machinist – providing advanced modelling tools to create parts or workholding systems such as chuck jaws or fixtures. The major features of a machine tool can also be modelled, for accurate cutting simulation and collision detection within Edgecam.
Edgecam Part Modeler will import and manipulate files from most CAD systems, including SolidWorks®, Solid Edge®, Unigraphics NX® and STEP files. Support for IGES, DXF and Parasolid is also included. In addition, Part Modeler offers functionality to ‘clean and heal’ and ‘sew surfaces’ to quickly restore imported files that need repairing.
Part Modeler’s intuitive user interface can be quickly and easily tailored to individual requirements, with features such as dockable windows and customisable menus and toolbars ensuring a highly productive, smooth and seamless progression from design concept through to finished component model and detail drawing.

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